The Show MUST Go On!

With the pandemic still running rampant in many parts of our country and the world, restrictions still exist regarding allowing groups of people to gather. For this reason, Broadway and other shows and performances have been canceled or postponed until further notice. Many casts and entertainers have strategically organized virtual performances or fundraisers in order to still deliver the content the fans want and also remain proactive in their communities despite the circumstances. Shoshana Bean is a stage actress, singer, and songwriter best known for her starring roles on Broadway. On July 13th she organized a virtual benefit concert for Oregon Beaverton High School where she attended high school, and their arts program specifically. This year had to be a little different of course due to the global pandemic but despite the obstacles, they have raised over 36,000 dollars! The concert included a joint singing of the famous Wicked song “Defying Gravity,” with Elphaba’s from different years and stages including Idina Menzel and Stephanie J. Block.

In the UK, the West End theatre, another famous, high-end English speaking theatre location, has been doing their part in more ways than one to assist their community in raising money for anything from now unemployed professionals or even essential workers. An organization by the name of “The Make A Difference Trust,” launched a new goal of providing emergency funds for the theatre community and those experiencing hardship. To launch this fundraiser, 23 of the actresses who played Elphaba or Glinda in Wicked filmed a combined performance of the notorious Wicked song, “For Good.”

The “Dear Evan Hansen,” producers and creators have been very vocal following the numerous racial injustices that have been coming to the forefront in the past couple of months. These five people who were behind the beloved Broadway musical not only released a statement regarding their plan of action to not only support the ongoing conversation and commitment to make a change for equality in the theater community. They also donated a large sum of money to the Color of Change organization which is a national racial justice group committed to “keeping corporate and political leaders accountable, building game-changing research on systems of inequality, and advancing solutions for racial justice.” To spread a message of positivity and promote the notion that, “every voice matters,” fans from 31 different countries around the world came together to sing “You Will Be Found,” from the musical. The video has received almost two million views and lots of love.

Although gathering to watch beloved productions at a theatre is impossible at the moment, the actors, actresses, fans, and everyone in between are still supporting the community and doing their part. Make sure to check out these videos and maybe even donate to a good cause! 


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