The Terrifying Cost of American Universities

Imagine yourself sitting on the beach. It is a nice sunny day and people are relaxing on their floats. Then, a giant wave comes towering over your relaxing place. You’re in the deep. You try to swim upwards, but the water is pushing you down. You sink into a black abyss, not knowing what it is like in the big blue ocean. That is how we students feel every day with school.

School is already tough on its own with assignments, but the battle has yet started. It is stacked with expensive costs for tuition, living expenses, and jobs. America is staggered with high demands for better education. For colleges like Columbia University and New York University, the tuition can go over $50,000. The price of tuition has quadrupled since the 1980’s. Although the wages increased by 67 percent, 65 percent of graduate students in the United States graduate with some form of educational debt. There is an average of around $37,000 in debt that the students would have to pay.

Another reason why public education is on the rise is because of lower public funding. The state and federal governments are lacking motivation to provide funding for schools. In contrast with Germany’s education, their schools are free for students to study in with little to no administrative fees. That relieves the financial burden of students who can now focus on their necessities like food, materials, and rent. On the contrary, the pandemic has made education in America more affordable because students can study at home, saving the rent and food cost. Still, students need to find work to pay for their necessities.

Many entry jobs that students get barely pay off for their tuition. This can range from sales to restaurants and independent companies. Public colleges can get as expensive as private colleges because the state and federal government are providing lesser funds to them. The pay cut was most impactful from the 2008 recession.

That brings the question to many students today if education is really worth the debt that chains you to your death? The post-pandemic emerged ambitious entrepreneurs who proved that they didn’t need education to be successful and thus, schools are finding ways to cut that tuition cost to invite students to learn. After all, school may be helpful but it is a business too.


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