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The Top 12 Bed And Breakfasts Around The World

1. Château de Beauvais, France

Imagine finding out you have a really rich aunt who lives in a beautiful historic home in France. Well, that’s what staying at the Château de Beauvais would feel like exactly. With antiques covering the Chateau, beautiful windows, and long decorated hallways. The Chateau comes with more than enough accommodations. Just to list a few, A lush garden accompanied by a pool and shared lounge and bar; all units come with a tv, electric teapot, shower, bath wifi, and of course, an amazing vibe. Who could be mad staying at the Château de Beauvais in France, not me? 

2. Story Book Inn Bed and Breakfast 

Magic fills the air of the Story Book Inn as it was originally a gingerbread Victorian. Beautiful stained glass covers the windows, and balconies wrap around the home. Let your imagination run wild here, no matter what age you are. With a stack of classic movies and freshly ground and

brewed coffee, this is already a yes for me. Breakfast is served freshly in a 48 feet Glass Conservatory. After you could take a 10-minute stroll to the Keeneland Race Course, or if you want to add on 5 more minutes, you will be in Lexington with a variety of shopping and fine dining to entertain you. 

3. Tuttomio Home & Breakfast, Italy 

Based in a town straight out of a fairy tale is the cozy Tuttomio Home and Breakfast in Italy. Kid and pet-friendly, you are welcome here; vineyards to explore and local craft shops to go to. Stone walls cover the inside and outside of this cozy home with the heating of a warm stove and the comfort found in a cup of tea. If you don’t speak Italian so well, it’s okay because the host (Sara) is kind enough to know both Italian and English. Many come here to stay as it is extremely welcoming and located in Castiglion, Italy. Good people and good food make this home one of the best. 

4. Casa Amora, Portugal 

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, is Casa Amora. Art covers the home that is painted red. The feelings of the home are the kitchen with comfortable dining glasses and mugs. Characteristic items are what lured many other travelers and me in with cute chicken egg holders and blue and white tile. Everything edible is a huge hit here. Reviews are blowing up about the croissants, quiche, the pastries to eveBalin the orange juice. Everything here just looks amazing and comfortable, something that is hard to find far from home! 

5. Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak 

Along the beaches of Bal lies grandmas plus hotel Seminyak. Plants overflow this bed and breakfast with modern railing and Instagram-able spots all over. Offering bikes, wifi, a bar, and margarita pizza, this is for sure a hot spot for travelers of many types, from businesses to tourists. 

6. Mitsuki Kyoto 

Kyoto, Mitsuki Kyoto provides a beautiful Asian breakfast to start off the morning on the right foot. With a garden view and bikes to rent, this bed and breakfast gives the full experience. If you have any diet restrictions, do not fret because Mitsuki Kyoto offers vegan, vegetarian, and more options to best accommodate you. Traditional Japanese architecture and art really bring this bed and breakfast to another level of hospitality. 

7. New Dragon Gate Guest House Pingyao B&B

Lanterns light up this bed and breakfast, bringing in lots of romance and good energy. New Dragon Gate Guest House in Pingyao, China, offers a shared lounge, terrace, and restaurant. Popular spots of curiosity include the China Chamber of Commerce Museum, Ancient Dwellings Expo Garden, and Huiwulin Traditional Wushu Gallery. Traditional Chinese-style buffet breakfast, which can be delivered straight to your bedroom, so you don’t have to move a pinky if you do not want, for premium relaxation. 

8. Montania Lifestyle Hotel

Montania Lifestyle Hotel offers beautiful mountain views as you sit in the pool or eat traditional Thai food. It’s hard to beat such an amazing view for such a good price. Free breakfast and canoeing tours are offered here, along with wifi and air conditioning, some things that are rare in Thailand. 

9. Le Manoir d’Auteuil Québec, Québec 

Le Manoir d’Auteuil Québec, Québec is extremely family-friendly as they also offer to babysit on-site and snack bars for the little ones. Multilingual staff and food can be brought to you 24/7, you should not leave here hungry, and if you do, then you did it wrong. Le Manoir d’Auteuil also has a ski shuttle making it easy to go and shred up the mountain with your little ones or just by yourself. This getaway makes it so accessible for families and takes the stress off of shoulders having such an amazing staff. 

10. Talkeetna Chalet Bed & Breakfast – Talkeetna 

Looking to experience Alaska in the best way possible, well then, what better than to stay in a cabin surrounded by trees and powdery snow? Talkeetna Chalet Bed & Breakfast, located in Talkeetna, Alaska, is as good as it gets. Guests say… 

“Cabin was well appointed, very comfortable, and quiet. Way beyond my expectations! I would highly recommend…5 star!” 

Howard C. – August 2019

11. Pousada Ahavanoah, B&B 

Located in Monte, Verde Is a small cute Bed and Breakfast called Pousada Ahavanoah. Close by is a small pottery house perfect for indulging in the culture of South America and getting to know some locals. Free breakfast, Pool, and friendly staff make a huge impact on this bed and breakfast. If you love your companion puppy and feel sad about leaving him at home don’t worry about it if you are heading to Pousada Ahavanoah because all the furry friends are welcome! 

12. Heceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast,

Right on the edge of the Florence cliffs, overlooking the Oregon coast, is Heceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast. If you have ever wanted to stay the night in a lighthouse, this is perfect for you! Watch the sunset and walk along the beach for a 5-star getaway. A gourmet breakfast is prepared by local Oregon artisans to fill your belly with comfort.


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