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The U.S. recommits to the Paris Climate Agreement: Sen. Cruz clashes with Democrats and Seth

Less than a full day into his presidency, 46th President of the United States (POTUS), Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been hard at work undoing some of the atrocities that were left to him by number 45. President Biden has inherited the worst economy since the great depression, an out-of-control pandemic and a very divided nation. There are still over 74 million people who believe that the 2020 Election was “stolen” from former President Donald J. Trump and believe him to the victor of the previous General Election.

Despite all of the hardships that have occurred, the fact of the matter is that Biden is now president and the real work of holding him and his administration accountable to deliver on their campaign promises can begin. Biden has wasted no time in signing 17 Executive Orders on January 20 on a wide variety of pressing issues.

On Wednesday, President Biden recommitted the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement (PCA), the legally binding international treaty on climate change meant to help avert catastrophic global warming from taking place. The United States was originally enrolled in the international treaty until former President Trump removed the country on June 1, 2017 under the pretenses of re-negotiating “on terms that are fair to the United States, its businesses, its workers, its people, [and] its taxpayers ”.

Recommitting the U.S. to the agreement is the first step of many to help improve the current dire climate change crisis and help re-build severed relationships between the United States and the rest of the world.

As Biden was working actually put Americans first, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was working harder, tweeting misinformation about the U.S. rejoining the treaty. Apparently, he was also too busy to read up on what the Paris Climate Agreement is and not what he’s trying to make it out to be. “By signing this order, President Biden indicates that he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh,” Cruz stated in a statement on Twitter. Cruz also included a link to a press release statement from his official website further explaining how rejoining the PCA is a cover for “Democrats’ plans to destroy jobs they don’t like – including thousands of manufacturing jobs – and cede control of our energy future to other countries ”.

Many Democrats and people in favor of the PCA were quick to respond to Cruz’s obvious lack of understanding about the deal and criticized him for pushing a false narrative. Most notably, actor Seth Rogen, responded to Cruz’s tweet writing, “F— off you fascist,” and a few other colorful retorts. Cruz is no stranger when it comes to tweeting and sharing misinformation on social networking platforms and continues to have no real backbone or ability to stand up for himself. Looking forward to more of Cruz’s responses as President Biden tries to unify the country, while Cruz is spending his time trying to tear it apart. 




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