The Upcoming of Calicoe

August 18th marks the day when perhaps the most legendary rap battle went down. URLTV.TV, formally known as smack hosted their marquee event, “Summer Madness 2.” The first act of the night, Loaded Lux got into a lyrical bout with Calicoe. Loaded Lux is a Manhattan native male, born and raised in Harlem. Calicoe is a male from Detroit. Being that both of them had their own styles of verbal warfare, their stage presence attracted a different crowd.
Calicoe represented the younger fans, with his lyrics being “gangster-driven” and hardcore. Loaded Lux, who is a seasoned veteran in the battle rap world, represented the older fans, with his lyrics being poetic and conscious.
This dichotomy was blatant in the way that each rapper received each other. As Calicoe performed his verse, Lux was calm standing silently listening to his foe speak. Having a suit on in an informal event, Loaded Lux controlled the crowd with his word play and blatant intelligence. He says, “I KILL, you can read, everything in my bio has it (Biohazard).” He continues, “Do you see the difference between metaphors and real rap, how a brother with metaphors can really rap?”
The round that truly distinguishes this battle from all others was the third. Calicoe’s father was a very famous drug lord. Because of this, Calicoe gained his “street cred.” Understanding the deficiency in this kind of thinking, loaded lux played the role of a mentor/father figure speaking to Calicoe, “Young boy I’m trying to save you from your demise. You said it yourself, my father was a real n***a. Youngin that aint no lie, he was in the business perpetuated aside, to keep us in the condition where we aint made to survive, but you think he a god?”
The crowd was fired up and inspired, Lux capitalized off of that and continued, “You think its gangster for a mother to love that dope more than her daughter, have a father get shot from his son and turn around and point that boy on the corner, leaving him out here to fend for himself knowing he need order, is your money being long worth your life span being shorter, huh?”
There were points in time where the crowd was so excited, Lux couldn’t finish his verse. During these times, he would say, “You gon get this work!” Spawning a trending topic on twitter and countless of memes, Lux escalated from a Harlem battle rapper to a commercial sensation.
According to Loaded Lux, you can’t, “beat the mind as deep as a mine in Africa digging passages
Halfway into China to reap a diamond!”


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