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The War With Ukraine Threatens Soccer Sponsorships

With Russia’s recent invasion in Ukraine Thursday morning, their actions are scaring away sponsorships for the future UEFA games. The 2022 UEFA game would be in St. Petersburg, Russia. European nations wanted to relocate the game in fear of the aftermath of the war, but the organizers of the Champion League have yet to make the relocation on the soccer tournament. UEFA is hoping that Russia would sooner head to peace because so many civilian lives are affected by the invasion.

The Russian energy company, Gazprom, has funded the Schalke German soccer team since 2007. German leaders wanted to terminate this contract. They are keeping a close attention to the war in Ukraine. Gazprom has, in the past, largely funded the UEFA games. Their title has been seen on billboards and broadcasts. They have also famously funded the FIFA championships. At this time, Gazprom and FIFA have no comments towards Russia’s invasion on Ukraine.

UEFA said that they will be holding a crisis meeting tomorrow to discuss having the championship held at St. Petersburg. In their statement, “Following the evolution of the situation between Russia and Ukraine in the last 24 hours, the UEFA President has decided to call an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee for Friday 25 February at 10:00 CET, in order to evaluate the situation and take all necessary decisions. Further communication will be made after the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee.”

CBS Sports is also taking a look at this crisis to utilize contingency to move the championship in another location. Many European countries have mixed feelings about Gazprom funding the championships. Soccer players in Ukraine are attempting to flee the country, but many civilian flights have been closed off. They, among other citizens of Ukraine, will have to find another way to flee the depths of the war.


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