Video of the Month for June 2020

It is no question that The Weeknd, a Canadain native, is one of the hottest artists on the charts right now. His song “Blinding Lights” was the second single in his studio album, After Hours released on November 29th, 2019. The song swept the top spot in thirty-two countries and is the fifth single of the Weeknd’s to be number one on the Billboard’s Hot 100. To date, this is the Weeknd’s most successful and widely known single. 

The music video has received almost one hundred and fifty million views and one hundred thousand comments on Youtube. It was filmed in Las Vegas and Downtown LA and premiered to the public on January 21st, 2020. The video is directed by Anton Tammi and features a Mercedes Benz in some footage that the company later also used for their own commercial. 

The video opens with some gore shots of the Weeknd dripping with blood. It includes fast car shots driving around the empty city and him prancing around the streets. During the video, he has flashbacks to a night he was in the company of a mystery woman. “Behind the scenes” videos were made to show the story behind the trending video. He was recognized for not just his singing abilities, but also his acting, clearly displayed in the video. Many magazines and writers applauded his creative and compelling work of art. Blinding Lights isn’t just pleasing to listen to but also has a picture to go along with it.

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