The Whole 9 Yards!

On December 29th Adrian “All Day” Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings set out to change football history by breaking Eric Dickerson’s (St. Louis Rams) single season rushing record of 2,105 yards. Adrian needed 208 yards to break the record, but fell just nine yards short! As I was watching the game and wildly rooting for Peterson, it was a bittersweet moment when Peterson lost his chance at record-breaking glory in order to win the game. The Minnesota Vikings needed to win this game to make the final wildcard playoff spot, which made the offensive play calls more diverse than just running the football with Peterson. Regardless of the unbroken record, Peterson still played a great game and an even better season, especially considering he had torn his ACL in week 16 of last season. Peterson wasn’t even aware of his mere 9-yard shortcoming. He said “If I did it, I did it, I was coming out here to play another week.” Spoken like a true winner, he played for his team and not for himself. Peterson, being a big part of the team getting to the playoffs, did fall short but he is still the best running back and my favorite come-back player of the year, and I believe he will get another shot next year to break this record.


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