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The WNBA Finally Getting The Change It Deserves

The new WNBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that was approved and signed on January 16th, 2020,  has needed to happen for a while now. Up until this new deal, WNBA athletes and their talents had been overlooked for far too long. It is undeniable that they do not bring in the same amount of money as the NBA, but they are still world-class athletes and they work just as hard. This new CBA rewards them of that and it is a big step for women’s basketball.
The new CBA has many different parts to it. Firstly, every single player got a raise. The top players in the league can make more than $500,000 based on base salary combined with, incentives, prizes for in-season tournaments, and team and league endorsement deals. $500,000 is triple the previous maximum cash compensation for top players. The average league cash compensation is now $130,000. This is the first time it has been in triple digits which speaks volumes about the strides that the league is making. According to the CBA, the maximum base salary is now $215,000 up from $117,500. The new CBA agreement is for eight years with an opt-out clause after six years. One of the most important parts of the CBA is its new rules for maternity leave. Players will collect full salary, receive $5,000 annually for child care, and be guaranteed a two-bedroom apartment by the league. In the old CBA, players would have to take economy seats on flights and share hotel rooms but under the new CBA, players will all get economy plus seats during the regular season and each player will have her own hotel room. Finally, a big step that was taken by the WNBA that brought them one step closer to reaching where they want to go was that there is potential for a 50-50 split on revenue shares depending on whether or not the league reaches its target revenue.
All in all, it was a major milestone and step for the WNBA. With a 53% total increase in cash compensation and much better treatment overall for the athletes, the world is finally starting to appreciate and reward these sensational athletes. The WNBA is getting the recognition it deserves and along with being put in the NBA 2k20 video game and finally getting a raise and better treatment, it seems as though the WNBA is finally reaching its potential and could be a very impactful league in a few years.


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