The World Wants To Party With Wuhan

As the world is still fighting the peaks of COVID-19 cases, Wuhan is living life. The original hotspot for COVID-19 is now seen hosting a huge concert pool party at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park. Many all over the world are shocked and concerned wondering if this is safe to be doing. Wuhan was on a 76-day lockdown at the start of March and quickly was able to contain the virus with the cooperation of their country. America is still experiencing record numbers with over 100,000 COVID-19 deaths and 5.4 million confirmed cases.

For many around the world, Wuhan represents what we all want right now, freedom. However, to get there, we must all work together and do our parts to slow the spread. Socially distancing, washing hands, and wearing mask are not just things the CDC are recommending we do just for the sake of it. The precautions are proven steps to help get COVID-19 under control. Those are the same steps that Wuhan took to get to the position that it’s in now.


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