The Worst Fashion Week Show

It is the most magical time in New York City… Fashion Week! When models and celebrities flock to the Big Apple for a week of runway shows, parties, and the increased likelihood of being bombarded by paparazzi for a candid shoot. New York Fashion Week ended yesterday, after starting on Wednesday the 8th. Telfar, Moschino, Jason Wu, and Studio 189 are just a few of the names who participated in this year’s Summer/Spring 2022 NYFW. 

While fashion is about freedom of expression and the best designers understand how to be over the top in addition to remaining tasteful and refined, it doesn’t always work out. Out of all of the shows this week, one left a bad taste in my mouth. That was the Moschino show. The collection was supposed to be a throwback to nursery and 90s rave scenes. There was a playful feel to the collection, and even though some of the pieces were intriguing, overall, the show was disappointing. The nursery concept was taken a step too far, particularly with the baby bottles and some of Gigi Hadid and Iman Haman’s outfits. Instead of being tasteful, it was childish and lacked the sophistication of any sort. I had a hard time imagining who would purchase these pieces. 

Aside from the collection items, on a more positive note, the designers should be applauded for their creativity and inclusion of plus-sized and disabled models. They put something out on the runway that they were proud of. While it may not have garnered the reaction they wanted, that act of having a show at NYFW is impressive in and of itself.

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