Therapy Can be Expensive, what are Some Alternatives?

It costs a lot of money to sit down and have a professional attempt to give you some guidance, and it is not even guaranteed to solve anything. If you struggle with stress and emotions, but you do not want to make the pricey commitment to therapy, there are some other options that can help improve your mental health.

Keeping a journal is a great start. Some say it is best to write in a journal every day and recall as many daily events as possible, but it can help to just write when you’re feeling stressed.
Not only does this provide some emotional release, but it also requires you to think about the details and possibly come to a solution or realization. A bonus is that this has been studied to improve sleep quality with less unresolved stress on the brain at night.

Taking breaks from stimulation can also help, which means taking screen breaks. No phones, TVs, or computers for a few minutes every day can allow the mind to rely less on stimulation and not feel as much of a void when it is not there. Additionally, you can use this time to mentally reflect on things, problem solves, or clear your mind.

Finding a good friend is also great therapy. Discussing stressful things with a friend can be just as helpful as therapy, and possibly easier because the relationship with a friend is less formal, and not to mention, cheaper. The only payment is to be their therapist when they need you. Both friends can also learn from each other instead of a one-sided therapy session.

These options do not take the place of medication. In the case of disorders and chemical imbalances, these will not substitute things like anti-depressants or sleep medication. Just use your best judgment to determine if therapy or something else is really best for you.


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