There’s Much More to Journaling Than What Meets the Eye

Journaling is something that many promise to do but never follow through with. I get it. It is easier said than done. Did you know that there are several unexpected benefits to journaling daily?

Sometimes we have built up thoughts and emotions that cause us extra stress. Journaling is one of the many ways to unpack and organize these feelings. Putting thoughts into paper has been shown to help reduce stress. According to PsychCentral, journaling can aid in resolving disagreements with others, solve problems more effectively, reduce stress, and know yourself better. Journaling also helps you to stay more organized and on track during the week. 

Along with these benefits, it has been shown that journaling can help reduce levels of depression. According to the National Library of Medicine, “People diagnosed with MDD in the expressive writing condition showed significant decreases in depression scores.” 

Besides the benefits it has for your brain and mental health, journaling can be a way to express your creativity. If you are looking for inspiration sites such as Pinterest and We Heart It. 


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