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Tishaura Jones Makes History, Wins Mayor Election in St.Louis

Tishaura Jones made history yesterday by becoming the first African American mayor of St. Louis, Missouri.  Jones (D) defeated Cara Spencer (D) in the election by taking 51.68% of the vote.  Jones is an alumni of Hampton University and was the Treasurer of St. Louis until she won the election yesterday.  Jones has been involved in politics since 2002 and was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2008.  

Jones will be responsible for spending the $517 million for St. Louis from the American Rescue Plan created by President Joe Biden.  Half of the $517 million will be given to St. Louis in May and Jones has committed some of it to mass vaccination sites as well as small businesses.  She will also use some of the money from the fund to help St. Louis Public schools.  This election is the first election in St. Louis that the new nonpartisan approval system was used.  The new system allows voters to approve as many candidates that they please in the primary election.  Jones will be sworn into office on April 20th.


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