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Tommy DeVito feels Sinatra spirit on Homeplate NY – Patsy’s Family Restaurant

Homeplate NY paid a visit to the historic Patsy’s Family Restaurant on 56th Street and Broadway.

The famed Chef Marcus was seen in the kitchen with Chef and owner Sal Scognamillo.

The honorary chef for the day was the New York Giants Quarterback and the darling of all New York sports fans this past winter, Tommy DeVito. He was accompanied by his almost as famous agent Sean Stellato.

They were there to learn how to cook in the kitchen of one of the city’s most popular joints.

They would instantly learn how much the great Frank Sinatra loved this place.

Tommy was told about all of Mr. Sinatra’s favorite dishes including the veal and chicken Milanese and of course Tommy’s favorite, chicken cutlets.

Chef Marcus is the pro that he is because he’s always learning new recipes and meals even though he is so world-renowned in the cooking industry.

Sal filled the place with incredible Italian food and wonderful stories about all the world-famous celebrities that have been to Patsys. Naturally, it always goes back to Sinatra. Of course, there is always the famous story of when Billy Martin took the whole 1977 Yankees to have dinner at Patsy’s while Mr. Sinatra was there. I remember like it was yesterday. To see Billy Martin poke fun at Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Sinatra give it back to Billy twice as hard was incredible. What was even more amazing was that when Billy went to pay the bill, Mr. Sinatra had already paid it.

After all the food was cooked Sal took everyone to the upstairs part of the restaurant. The back of it is known as the Sinatra room. There is even a heavy curtain that would give Mr. Sinatra and his party privacy. A table was set up just like Mr. Sinatra liked it. Sal took on the role of his father in the 1970s meaning that only he would handle the food. Mr. Sinatra only liked Sals father Joe to handle his food so Tommy really got treated like royalty.

Chef Marcus Samuelson at that point was the perfect host at the table. He talked to Tommy and Sean a little about his history and his love of cooking and the restaurant business.

It was really a fun afternoon at Patsy’s. We even got to see a secret side staircase that was used only by Mr. Sinatra so that he would be able to come and go without fanfare.

Tommy was also mesmerized by a portrait of Billy Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. Joe Scognamillo, Mr. Sinatra, and proudly Me.

If you have never been to Patsy’s do yourself a favor and go. The food is fabulous and the spirits of The Rat Pack and so many greats of the past are still there. Just ask Tommy DeVito.

Make sure to watch this segment of Homeplate NY. It was a blast. For that matter watch all the different episodes, they are terrific and only on YES.

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