Top 5 Best Colleen Hoover Books

Having become a sensation through Tiktok, Colleen Hoover’s novels are truly
something that everyone should read. Although some might say that there are better
books than Colleen Hoover’s books, I believe that these novels are actually amazing
reads, and they are great for people who are trying to get into reading. So, if you are
looking for a Colleen Hoover book to start reading, here are her top 5 best (in no
particular order).

‘It Ends With Us’

Probably her most famous novel, ‘It Ends With Us’ follows the life of a girl named
Lily who tries to deal with her past and future. As Lily is ready to start her life after
graduating from college, she meets a guy named Ryle, and she starts to fall in
love with him. After entering a relationship with Ryle, her first love Atlas
reappears and challenges her new relationship. Though the story is much more
complicated than that, and involves more plot twists and revelations, you should
definitely read it.

‘Reminders Of Him’

“Reminders Of Him” is about a troubled young mother and her shot at
redemption after spending five years in prison for a tragic mistake that changed
her life forever. She returns to the town where it all went wrong, and hopes to
reunite with her four-year-old daughter. While everyone is determined to shut her
out, the only person who seems willing to listen to her is a man named Ledger
Ward, a local bar owner and a link to her daughter’s life. This story is definitely
going to make you shed a few tears, but it’ll also keep you all night turning the
page to find out what happens next.


Written from the perspectives of two different characters from the novel, it tells
the story of a struggling writer, Lowen Ashleigh, and the husband of a famous
author, Jeremy Crawford, who has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books
of his wife’s series. With new revelations and tragedies, Verity is definitely a book
that will keep you up all night.

‘Ugly Love’

‘Ugly Love’ Tells the story of Tate Collins who meets airline pilot Miles Archer.
Having the ‘haters to lovers’ trope, readers can see how the two go from wanting
nothing to do with each other, to slowly falling for one another.

‘November 9’

‘November 9’ follows the story of Fallon when she meets Ben right before her
cross-country move. They both share an attraction with one another, and decide
to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together. Over time, they continue to meet up
on the same day every year, November 9. Everything seems to be going well
until one day Fallon becomes unsure whether or not Ben has been telling her the
truth all this time.


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