Top 5 Comfort Shows of 2023

Love Island

Love Island - Peacock Reality Series - Where To Watch

Love Island has been an enormous comfort show in 2023, and we can’t get enough on air Sunday- Friday at 9 pm on ITV2. Obstacles such as other islanders having to leave the island early and other people arriving throughout add to the pool. Coming on the island as a single, the end-game goal of this sparkling summer series is to leave with your perfect match.  Love Island turns something we are all familiar with dating, love, and relationships and studies it under a microscope, and we love it!


Watch the trailer for the hotly-anticipated 'Friends' reunion special

Netflix tried to cut us off, but we will never stop loving this NYC group of six! Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Pheobe go through almost everything living together in Manhattan. From heartbreaks to job losses, marriage, divorce, and children, just about everything under the sun, and better yet, they turn it into a hilarious sitcom. Thirty years later, young adults are still turning it on to binge-watch.   

New Girl 

New Girl - Rotten Tomatoes

Jess’s world flips upside down after a ripping breakup, and somehow she ends up living with three single men in an apartment loft. They find her weird and new, but soon she grows on them, and they become a fantastic friend group navigating through life.  With 146 episodes and seven seasons, there is content for everyone. 

Ginny and Georgia 

Ginny & Georgia' Season 2: Everything to Know

Based on a real-life story, Ginny and Georgia follow a fifteen-year-old and her thirty-year-old mother. “I’m not like a *regular* mom; I’m a cool mom”- mean girls, no, but that seriously is Georgia; she’s young, fun, and knows how to run. When Georgia’s life partner turns out to be a creepo, she takes care of the problem by killing him and packing her kids into the van to start a new chapter of life. The mother-daughter classic fans have been going crazy for Ginny and Georgia, from Instagram fan pages to clips on social media Tik-Tok. Season two was recently just released, and we already want season 3! 

Emily In Paris

Who plays Emily in Emily in Paris? - Lily Collins - Emily in Paris cast:  Who is in... - PopBuzz

Pack your bags because we’re going to Paris, baby! Emily Cooper recently graduated from Chicago with a Masters’s Degree in Communication in her late 20s. Leaving her boyfriend in Chicago, she boards the plane to a new chapter of life in Paris. She takes on the role of bringing an American point of view to the French Marketing firm; I’m sure you can already imagine the drama. If you love fashion, drama, and romance Emily In Paris is a perfect fit, with season 3 out now, and I’m sure more to come!


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