Top 5 NBA Teams To Use In NBA 2K21

With NBA 2K21 being announced for this fall and new consoles coming, I thought I would give a quick look into my list of teams I am most excited to use. These are not gonna be the best teams, but more of a list of teams that I think will be exciting and make the 2K experience as amazing as possible.

5. Atlanta Hawks- The Atlanta Hawks may not be the best team in real life but NBA 2K is a different story. Using Trae Young in 2K is very very fun. He can shoot like Steph Curry, pass like Steve Nash, dribble like Kemba Walker, and surprisingly can finish very well even though he is very small for the NBA. Him paired with two great lob threats like Clint Capela and John Collins will create many highlight level plays. The Hawks will also have a top 10 draft pick which could add even more excitement.

4. Golden State Warriors- The Warriors had an off year in real life due to injuries to their star backcourt, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. In this upcoming NBA 2K, the Warriors will have Curry and Thompson back, as well as a top 5 draft pick (they should be praying for James Wiseman), and Andrew Wiggins. They will have scorers all over which should make them up a very fun team to play fast paced with.

3. Milwaukee Bucks- There are only 3 reasons why the Bucks made this list. Firstly, they have Giannis Antetokounmpo. Secondly, Giannis in 2K is unguardable. Thirdly, did I mention they have Giannis? Yea Giannis in 2K is like the hulk, He’s extremely fast, can handle the ball, is very strong, dunks on every play, and can also shoot a little now. The rest of the Bucks team aside from Kris Middleton is okay but Ginnais automatically makes them one of the most fun and exciting teams to play in 2K with.

2. New Orleans Pelicans- The Pelicans are going to be one of the most used teams in NBA 2K21 guaranteed. They have great young talent, they have shooters, lob threats, defenders, and rebounders but the only thing they don’t have is experience. Thankfully in a video game that does not matter too much. You will easily be able to throw lobs all over the place from Lonzo Ball to Zion Williamson, you have a mini Kevin Durant in Brandon Ingram, and you have amazing veterans in JJ Redick, Jrue Holiday, and Derrick Favors. This Pelicans team will be a nightmare to defend in 2K.

1. Los Angeles Lakers- This one was a given. When is playing with Lebron James in a video game not gonna be fun? He was pretty much created in a video game. And now he has an elite big man in Anthony Davis to run pick and rolls with and feed the ball in the post, Dwight Howard and Javale Mcgee to throw lobs too, and Danny Green and JR Smith to launch threes with. The Lakers are my current favorites to win the NBA championship this year and you better believe they will be just as good and probably better in NBA 2K21.


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