Top 5 Reasons you Should Try Immersive Theater

After such a long time staying at home and enjoying little to no socialization, immersive theater has been coming back to New York City, and it’s offering people a chance for much-needed liberation. And although I have always found immersive performances incredibly moving and unforgettable, now more than ever I hope everyone will consider these top 5 reasons to give these productions a chance. 

  1. Stimulation

Like the name suggests, immersive theater creates the proper atmosphere to excite all the senses. Audiences are not simply watching or hearing the performance, they get a chance to feel them. Scent, taste, and touch are typically at the forefront of these productions, that bring elements to provide the spectators an all around memorable experience. 

  1. Inspiration

Sometimes we can feel stuck. When this happens, it is very unlikely to come up with new and creative ideas for work or for our lives. Immersive plays offer a kind of shortcut to creativity, challenging viewers’ typically passive roles, and pushing them to take action. 

  1. Participation

Audiences get the chance to feel if only for a moment what it is like to perform in front of a crowd. The actors sometimes hand in parts or little scripts for the different spectators to play and help move the story along. This kind of play is especially great if you have been craving to be part of the action for a while. 

  1. Interaction

Whether you go with friends or by yourself, you are likely to meet and have found new people, so you will not feel alone. Immersive performances not only encourage participation, they also allow spectators to interact with one another, so if you feel comfortable conversing with strangers, this kind of show is great for you. 

  1. Escaping

Immersive theater offers people a chance to disconnect. To unplug from the hardships of everyday life and just transport, even if only for a couple of hours, to another reality. They are also great for those wishing to experience their favorite artistic genres, be them musical comedies, horror, or anything in between in their own bodies. Do you wish to escape to another decade? Would you like to know what it feels like to be in a haunted house? Immersive theater can give you just that, 
Some immersive plays in New York right at night that are more than worth checking out are Sleep No More, Chasing Andy Warhol, Bottom of the Ocean, and Drunk Shakespeare. Finally, if you ever get the chance to attend the Spanish performance La Fura Del Baus, try not to miss it. They have been around since the 80s, and they are one of the pioneers in this kind of act, offering their audiences all kinds of crazy and adventurous experiences.


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