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Top Three Reasons To Hop On The Matcha Bandwagon Today

I know what you’re thinking. Matcha is just the latest in another long line of food trends to come and go, but maybe, just maybe, you’re wrong. If you do a basic Google search, you’ll find thousands of articles giving you a multitude of reasons why matcha is good for you. After conducting some thorough research, I’m here to give you the top three that were on the top of everyone’s lists, including my own.

For starters, matcha is great for your health, whether that be physical or even mental. Although there aren’t that many studies conducted on matcha green tea specifically (yet), there is a common consensus among social groups and blogs. Overall, matcha covers a lot of the bases. It contains antioxidants that fight against cancer, prevents heart disease, helps with weight loss, lowers blood pressure, you name it. A study reported by Healthline also reported that matcha can help enhance brain function including faster reaction times, memory, and longer attention spans.

Reason number two is that there are so many ways to prepare matcha that there’s a little something for everyone. The powder is so versatile that you could use it for virtually anything including, but not limited to: teas and lattes (hot or cold), a topping for oatmeal, matcha noodles, another ingredient in your green smoothie, ice cream (my personal favorite), an extra boost in coffee, and even as a spread on your sandwiches.

And of course, the final reason you should start including matcha in every meal is super simple: it tastes really good! It’s not like some of those other food items where you should probably start eating it more because it’s healthy, but not very tasty. To me, matcha is pretty light in flavor, almost like a burnt vanilla. Either way, you should definitely give it a try the next time you’re at your local coffee shop, and then maybe another try after that, until you’re hooked on matcha just like the rest of us.

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