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Travolta’s Suit In ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Up for Auction

We all remember John Travolta’s dancing in “Saturday Night Fever”, more specifically, his beautiful white suit as he swung his body to the song More Than a Woman by the Bee Gees. “Saturday Night Fever” is recognized as the movie that put disco music on the map, and this suit helped make it happen. The iconic, white, three-piece suit has now been auctioned off for $260,000 dollars.

This took place in California, at a Beverly Hills-based auction house that specializes in high-end memorabilia, including movie props. It was organized by Julien’s Auctions and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) as part of the “Hollywood: Classic & Contemporary” sale.

The listing described the suit as “one of the most iconic costumes in the history of cinema”. Not only that, but it comes with letters of authenticity from Paramount Studios and John Travolta himself.

The dance drama movie responsible for Travolta’s Best Actor Oscar award is now not only responsible for the changing of the disco era as we know it, but also for putting in place some very high-end fashion statements.

The film’s costume designer, Patrizia von Brandenstein expresses the reasons for the movie’s fashion choices: “Heroes from Sir Lancelot to Tom Mix wore white in the great contests to express purity and single-minded devotion to the task at hand. So, for me, white was the only choice for the suit. I am grateful that our hero, John Travolta, and our producers also came to see it in this way.”

The jacket from the movie features exaggerated peak lapels with pick stitching and two oversized pockets. And according to the organizers of the auction, the famous suit worn during the iconic dance competition is one of only two used during the production of the film.

The auction included other movie memorabilia, such as a Robert Downey Jr. worn Iron Man helmet, in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War,” which sold for $127,000 dollars. A wand prop from “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, which fetched $130,000 dollars. And Michael J. Fox’s hoverboard, from the iconic movie “Back to the Future 2,” which went for $91,000.


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