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Trying to Grow Your Hair? Take a Look at These Products.

It happens to the best of us: you cut your hair and love it for a few weeks then wish you could reverse back time and have long hair again. With changing hair trends, it can be hard to keep up. Keep reading to learn about some products that can promote healthy hair growth.

The first product that I highly recommend is very unconventional. The shampoo, Mane ‘N Tail, is not only great for your horse, but surprisingly has good results in terms of promoting hair growth. This shampoo helps your hair to grow long and healthy by removing excess sebum. While this product has some great reviews, make sure to keep an eye out on your scalp, because some people are complaining of scalp irritation.

Another way to promote hair growth is to invest in a bottle of biotin. If you have trouble with growing thick hair, biotin stimulated keratin production and increases the rate of follicle growth. One brand that is highly recommended is Nature’s Bounty. Please talk to your doctor and look at the ingredients before taking biotin.

In addition to biotin supplement, the brand HUM has something called the Hair Sweet Hair gummies. With great reviews and a yummy taste, this is another gummy you should consider when trying to grow your hair.

Along with these products, I highly recommend the brand, Not Your Mother’s. The Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Leave-in Conditioner has personally made my hair grow long, soft, and healthy. A few sprays on damp hair and you will be good to go! In addition to their leave in conditioner, they also sell the Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Long & Strong Shampoo. This shampoo is in the 73% Top Allergen Free. To make matters better, this brand is cruelty-free.

Like every new product, make sure you are looking at the ingredients beforehand to ensure that you aren’t allergic to these products. Growing hair can take a lot of trial and error, so make sure to be patient with yourself and your hair. Listen to your body and know that other factors, such as genetics and diet, play a key role in how long and thick your hair is.


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