Tunnel Vision

I had tunnel vision,
there was no light at the end so it was a dark journey,
I was passed the torch of street life fame
Didn’t help me in this dark journey,
it had no flame
So aIl I really was, was a name in this journey
He’s this he’s that
I was blind as a bat
A bumpy journey
Please doc don’t bump me while pushing me on a gurney
I said that a few times on this journey
5 bullet scars mark this journey
That’s why I asked doc not to bump the gurney
Why they keep shooting me?
I should of not questioned the journey
Now everyone around me are victims of shootings,
Pow x twenty
Doc please don’t bump those twenty gurneys
Doc don’t take out the iv
Doc no don’t you dare touch that plug
They won’t be able to breath
Take that tag off there toe
Doc their so cold
He gives me a prescription
It says “permission to look in a different direction”
I no longer have tunnel vision
Infinite the Poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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