Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Tut Visits NYC from Chicago

This past week saw Thomas “TUT” Hunt visit us from our Chicago Guardian Angel Chapter. He first joined the NYC Guardian Angels in Sept. of 1979. With over close to 40 years of Service TUT was the first to start a patrol on Staten Island. Years later he ran a GA HQ. on 168th Street and Amsterdam Ave in the heart of Washington Heights. His was the first GA Patrol anywhere to have to deal with the menace of “CRACK”. He began our very first GA ” CRACK DOWN AGAINST CRACK CAMPAIGN” and went on to develop our program right in the heart of 42nd Street and Times Square.

He then took to the road with Guardian Angel Paul Martinelli as they spread the Guardian Angel concept to cities around America in need. While based in NYC both TUT and PAUL would travel to our HQ in Canarsie, Brooklyn and sit with Frances and Chester Sliwa. Both Frances and Chester schooled them in Concept Therapy and a book called the
RAYS OF THE DAWN. It helped them remain positive while on the road and enabled them to get results when it seemed that there was to much opposition to the their GA cause. On Sunday TUT traveled to the grave site of Frances and Chester Sliwa with other Guardian Angels and Sliwa Family members. He shared with all the many things that he learned then from them and continues to apply to every aspect of his life even to this day. He also gave us a great update of crime in the neighborhoods of Chicago……..which remains the “Murder Capital of America”.

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