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TV Review: Why I Love The Vampire Diaries

This show (including the people that were a part of it!) has been my favorite show ever since I randomly saw it on TV in 2009. I was 9 years old, which is way too young to have watched it, but I couldn’t help myself when I realized how wonderfully put-together the plot was and how dazzling the characters were. As I got deeper and deeper into my love for this show, I realized that I also loved all of the actors and producers that were a part of it, and I developed a huge crush on Ian Somerhalder that I still carry with me to this day. Sadly, this show has already ended, but you can stream all of its seasons on HBO Max or Peacock. You can also find its two spin-off shows, the Originals, and Legacies, on Netflix. Here are some of my main reasons for loving this show:

The Supernatural: I have always loved dark stories about supernatural creatures. This show has it all! They include vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and witches all in one town. I also loved the romance that was centered around these creatures falling in love with humans and presenting a forbidden love story. There were so many twists and turns where the plot was concerned. It always had me on my toes as to what was going to happen next.

The Cast and Crew: This may not be known to some people, but the cast of this show has really big hearts. I have never seen a show with so many cast members doing good things and donating to charities all at one time. If you look at their social media accounts, you will see how important this is to them and how they are doing their part to help out. Ian Somerhalder is an animal and environment activist who is constantly educating people on ways to help out with the climate crisis. He even has his own charitable foundation called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, where you can donate and help save animals and prevent further destruction from climate change. Candace Accola, Nina Dobrev, and many others that are a part of the show have helped out as much as they can with many different charitable organizations. This makes me love this show even more since the cast has proven how kind and caring they are towards important issues that are affecting everyone. I must also add that the entire cast is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen so many attractive people in one TV show. 

The Romance: I know I have already mentioned this above, but the romantic aspects of the show are amazing. The women are all flawlessly beautiful, and the men are incredibly sexy, which adds more appeal to the vampire storyline. There are many steamy scenes involving these characters, so it is not an ideal show for a younger audience. 

The Acting: This show may be considered corny to some who don’t like teen romances, but I think that everyone can agree that the acting is phenomenal. The cast is incredibly talented and completely nails their scenes in every episode. For example, Nina Dobrev has to play two completely opposite characters but does an amazing job getting everything right where both personalities are concerned. Ian Somerhalder plays a tortured vampire who has many different sides to him, which he pulls off flawlessly. All of the cast members do a wonderful job and deserve all of the awards they can get.

Overall, I would highly recommend this show to anyone who is a horror romance fan. There are a lot of scary, graphic parts, so this show is definitely not for the faint of heart or small children. This is one of the only shows that I would do anything to watch for the first time all over again.


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