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TV Show “The Walking Dead” launching its own magazine!

In the past, it has been shown that the concept of TV show magazines have not been popular. However, “The Walking Dead” is going to take the risk and debut its magazine this upcoming October. The companies Titan Magazines and Skybound (the publisher of a long-lasting comic book series) announced last Thursday that they would be its publishers.
The quarterly will hit the newsstands on October 23, 2012, which is also the premiere of AMC’s thrilling show’s third season. The magazine will also feature an article titled “On Set with Creator Robert Kirkman” in which readers will be able to find interviews with executive producers such as Glen Mazzara, and actors including Andrew Lincoln (seen on the cover), Sarah Wayne Callies, and Jon Bernthal.
The first feature will contain of 100 pages and have an alternate cover (only available through comic bookstores). Kirkman said: “This magazine will be your one stop destination for all the news pertaining to the comic, TV show, video game, toys, games and whatever else exists in the ever-expanding Walking Dead universe. If it’s happening, you’ll find out all about it right here!”
The magazine is also set to expand abroad to the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand throughout the later months of the year. Reading this magazine is an opportunity for fans to enjoy the TV show on a larger scale. Maybe, it will begin a new fashion, and other TV shows will begin launching titles as well. This development also provides a great way to gain more fans and let people have a look into the lives of its creators and the cast. The idea is a very smart one, but we will have to wait until October to see if the magazine gains popularity.



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