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TV Shows Are Ending Earlier Than Usual

TV shows in America are ending earlier, and it might not be such a bad thing. You used to be able to tell a huge difference between British shows and American shows, and now the line seems to be getting more and more blurry. 

You would click on a British show, and it would have no more than 12 episodes, but then you’d go to the American show, and all of a sudden, Grey’s Anatomy has 19 seasons and another one coming out. 

Or the hit 90s TV show Friends, with ten seasons and 236 episodes total. But nonetheless, I still love the show to death and have seen each and every episode at least five times. Guilty! 

Shows used to drag on until they couldn’t float anymore and someone would have to pull the plug and let them sink. Today that is not the case; we have shows ending on their own calls, such as Succession, Bill Hader’s Barry, and Stranger Things ending with season five. 

Yellowstone is also pulling the plug and wrapping up its show. But then again, the Yellowstone train has taken off, and we have other shows coming out in the same Yellowstone universe. So is it really the end of the story after all? I am going to say I’m a little heartbroken that we won’t be seeing Kevin as much. 

With all the good that comes with wrapping up a beloved series filled with great episodes, there are still going to be hardships. The WGA is a strike or a protest, in spite of TV shows ending early as then it fosters an insecure atmosphere for writers. Many have to resort to backup jobs because the current system does not pay them enough. You have to assume that this is part of the cutthroat industry; when subscribers start falling, the rug is swept from underneath you. But then again, when we think about a show it just has amazing episodes and overall tells a heart-wrenching storyline viewers are going to continue to come back. And people will want to work with those same people in the show, the actors, the writers, the people helping on set, it leaves on more of a positive note, or so we hope. 

Despite the hardships overall, this is a positive sign for viewers. In years to come, when we think back on Yellowstone or Stranger Things, we’re going to be thinking about the incredible storyline and the fantastic team of actors and writers, and producers. We’re not going to think about a shitty season or episodes that felt like fillers, or a random new character 8 seasons in to fill the void for a main character who had to go. With all of this excitement and great news, we hope the trend continues, and shows are no longer shoved out of the door. 

PSA- I’m not saying friends; in my opinion, there was never a bad episode, and I will never shove them out of the door Joey and Leona 4lifers.


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