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Tyga and Avril Lavigne are Confirmed to be Hollywood’s Newest Celebrity Couple

Just a few weeks after breaking off her engagement with singer, Mod Sun, Avril Lavigne is seen linking up with rapper, Tyga. Fans are definitely shocked, as this is not a predictable pairing by any means. 

Why Avril Lavigne and Tyga’s Relationship are Catching People off Guard 

Hollywood has had their fair share of strange celebrity couples, but this one might just take the cake. Aside from Avril and Tyga having very different personalities, they have also dated in/ around the same circle more than once, including both of them being romantically involved with a Jenner at one point. TikTok creator, @abbzbon posted a viral video showing just how odd their dating histories are and how it all kind of connects in some way. Some may think that this makes it inevitable for Avril and Tyga to end up together, while a lot others believe this tangle of love interests makes this new relationship all the more strange.  

Another reason why fans are confused by this news is that Avril was just engaged to Mod Sun, like three weeks ago. People haven’t even processed that breakup yet, and now they’re getting hit with this news of Avril and Tyga getting together, so it’s a bit hard to keep up with, and it definitely has fans confused. 

How Mod Sun is Taking the News

Mod Sun did not take the break-up lightly and is now even more distraught to see his ex-fiance quickly jump into another relationship. One thing that is really making the “Flames” singer out of sorts was seeing posts of Avril and Tyga kissing in the same city that Mod Sun took her to last year to propose. He has been very public about his journey through heartbreak and says his family and friends have been a great support system for him. 

Will Tyga and Avril Last?

After recently publicizing this new relationship, it has been stated that it’s “very casual” for right now, so that raises the question: will they last? Judging by both of their dating histories, this might be another short-winded fling for the both of them. However, they may shock the world and end up together for life. It’s hard to say, so really only time will tell if this relationship is going to pan out or not.


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