Ugg Will Be Making More Than Shoes

Koolaburra by Ugg has been exploring the idea of producing coats and outerwear. This follows the extreme diversification of the Ugg brand in recent years. Ugg first started out with a standard style of boot that became popular, they now offer: slides, slippers, bags and more. Seeing that those have been so successful, Ugg is exploring how they can expand their style to more types of wear. 

The new arrivals will likely have the same types of earth tones that Ugg boots are known for: brown, tan, beige. Fashion United calls this a more “approachable” style. In a time that flashy, bright colors are the trend, many wonder how well these will be able to sell. By including the brand name on the designs, Ugg fans may flock to the racks. 

Ugg has been a rather generational trend for younger Millennials and older Gen-Z. Providing more than just shoes could also expand the typical audience for this brand. Those outside the typical range of Ugg buyers may find that Koolaburra’s outerwear is comfortable and easy to match. 

Of course, there have always been the people that hate the Ugg style. Nothing disturbs them more than seeing the tan boots turned into a hat or jacket. Knowing this, the Koolaburra line includes: red and black plaid, blues, silvers, and an overall wide variety for their outerwear to appeal to as many as possible. These match with Ugg’s, as well as any other style of shoe. 

This is likely to be a huge step for Ugg if they are out before this winter. 

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