Unmasked: Getting NYC Back to Where it Was

Is it the smell of fresh air or the stench of the underground sewers? Whatever it is, New York City has agreed to go maskless for public schools on Monday. Although the numbers of COVID-19 infected have significantly decreased across the United States, parents and children couldn’t help but feel that worry that there is another COVID-19 variant lurking in the city.

Mayor Eric Adams said, “We did our jobs as New Yorkers, and now we’re winning. Covid is no longer in control of our lives. We are in control of our lives.”

At this time, only 51 percent of New York City’s public school students are vaccinated. Lower Manhattan had higher rates of vaccinated students compared to other boroughs. Ella Chan, a student at Stuyvesant High School, thinks that there is no specific cure for COVID-19 and that it is too risky to be maskless in school. On the other hand, a student named Max is rooting for maskless appearances in his school because he trusts the mayor and the numbers of those affected by COVID-19. A kindergartner by the age of five said that he couldn’t wait to be maskless because he recently lost his baby teeth and can’t wait to show it to his friends.

A second grader named Emma Billera felt that she could breathe well without the mask, but her mother is worried that her daughter might catch COVID because New York City has kept everyone with masks for so long. There’s no say to this if COVID strikes up again unknowingly.

Alana Rivers, a high school freshman, said, “I think that it’s dumb, because Covid is still around, and just two months ago the cases flared up out of nowhere. So I think that if you take off the masks, it’s going to make things worse.”


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