Bill Simmons taking his talents to…Music???

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Bill Simmons In 2021, Bill Simmons and HBO will be releasing a new six part documentary that will focus on different creators and creations in the music industry. After working for ESPN up until September of 2015, Simmons signed a multiyear contract with HBO in July that started in October of 2015. Bill Simmons is the co-creator of the very famous and loved 30 for 30 documentary series that focuses on different events and people in sports. 30 for 30 was initially a 30 part series that was 30 1 hour episodes created by 30 different directors. Simmon’s website, The Ringer, will be working with HBO studios to produce this documentary series. Bill Simmons, besides being a renowned sports writer, has already made a few films. The Ringer’s media division helped produce HBO’s Andre The Giant documentary and Women of Troy, which focuses on USC women’s basketball’s pioneering team. Jody Gerson, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group, said, “This series is about storytelling for musicians in a way that has never really been done before. There are countless great artists and songwriters who have culturally-defining stories and, for the first time, we can share those intimately with fans around the world.”

This series will be extremely similar to 30 for 30 because it is about specific artists but also about specific projects and it also will be directed by a different person each time. In my personal opinion, I can not think of another documentary that focuses on music the way this upcoming one will. Along with The Ringer and Universal, Polygram entertainment will co-produce the series. Bill Simmons used the CAA as the broker for this deal. The same agency that represents The Ringer. While this project is very new, this is one to get excited about as Bill Simmons was phenomenal with the 30 for 30 series and he brings that same experience and creativity to this very similar project.

This project should take Bill Simmons career to a new level as he has always been in sports and now he is trying his hand in music. If Simmons can do with this series even half of what he did with 30 for 30, then it will be a success. Simmons clearly has a very creative eye when it comes to storytelling but now it just needs to be seen how he works with musicians and different kinds of talent.

By: Aman Jain

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