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From years of co-curricular activities, work, more work, and missing my favorite shows, I had become an anti-TV watcher. I’d stay far away from shows I might like for fear of being stuck on it, inevitably missing weekly airings and playing 3-week-long games of catch-up only to watch it online with 3 times the commercials than watching on TV in the first place! I know I was speaking for a crowd when I asked “Can’t I just watch live TV when I want how I want to?” It seems someone was listening.

NimbleTV is a cloud-based technology due out later this year that allows you to 1) watch live TV 2) from the US or any country a viewer wishes, wherever you are on 3) whatever device you want with 4) unlimited storage that can be 5) shared with friends with only 6) month-to-month subscriptions. Ridiculous, right? Yes, and in the best way possible. Pricing has yet to be released, and legality has been questioned, but NimbleTV CEO Anand Subramanian said in a press release: “Our model is predicated on the belief that providers and content producers should be paid. NimbleTV is a solution that’s both consumer friendly and industry friendly.” Offering channels like CNN, FOX, Disney, Lifetime and the lot would signify the price would not be too different from a cable bill, and it has been said there will be a “small fee” for DVR options and added portability that no one knows much about. The beta test began today, April 23rd exclusively for New Yorkers, featuring around 24 channels, so it is expected that we’ll be hearing more soon.

Here’s a screenshot from the UK’s version of NimbleTV in 2010.. Let’s wait and see if it’s anything in comparison. Looks like a battery-drainer…














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