Scandal is Back!

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Gear up gladiators! After a very long wait, our favorite Washington DC fixer is back! Olivia Pope & Associates, Fitz, Mellie and Cyrus will be rejoining for season four Sept 25th at 9/8 central on ABC! In light of the new adventure we are about to go on, let’s recap what happened last season. When Olivia Pope left us, she was on a plane going to an undisclosed location with Jake who is the President’s army buddy and friend and who is also part of B613 a government sanctioned group of professional killers. Cyrus’s husband James is dead. Huck and Quinn were a couple but Huck broke things off with her and appeared at this first wife’s doorstep. Mellie consoles Fitz for winning another 4 years at the cost of the life of their child. David Rosen receives a package from Jake with the instructions “Go get the bad guys.” Maya Pope, Olivia’s mom is in the B613 hole annd finally, Olivia’s father is now back as the head of B613.  With a storyline like this we don’t stand a chance. Clear your schedule for every Thursday night for the next months, it’s time for SCANDAL!


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