“The Handmaid”s Tale”

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In a male dominant society, “The Handmaid’s Tale” series is about power hungry, male leaders who create a hierarchy, where they are above the women. This series takes place in a remote city called, Gilead. A new structure of a hierarchical military regime of fanaticism, in which a new society has been born to reform women who wear the long draped red gowns and white bonnets. They show the struggle that the women of Gilead had to endure as they are brutally subjugated. This series goes in depth about the laws that were in favour of a man’s world where women are not allowed to work, own property, or handle money. These subjects are called Handmaids in which they have no say to their lives. It is based off a society that uses handmaids for infertility. They are subjects that are assigned to living quarters and submit to their master from anything to ritualized rape, to bearing their master’s children. If you like a classic series, this series goes deep into a harsh reality of societal views in some places. This series is an acquired taste, nonetheless a great series to watch as, “The Handmaid’s tale”, has been nominated in 2019.


by Julie Atkinson
Edited by Ashley Kate Martin

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