The Success with Superhero TV dramas

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Since 2012 with the success with CW’s Arrow based on the DC’s hero Green Arrow and also the benchmark of the CW’s TV show Universe with The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The animated short Vixen (also CBS with Supergirl), not to mention Marvel with its four shows, superhero focused media have never been better. We have other comic book shows based on superheroes before, but not to this scale with multiple shows existing in the same universe. Even being based on comic book characters, these show has gain an audience that usually wouldn’t call themselves comic book fans and yet they can get enough of these shows that portray these characters in a more relatable feel. Again shows before this strategy were set in their own universe and shows that tried something similar in the form of sequel or spin-off shows based on a character that was popular in the main show usually don’t succeed. But now with the internet with sites solely based on discussing the show and its characters; studios can get a better focus on what can be successful of which in today’s age is connected universe.

So what can we expect in the future? Well there could be a chance for more diversity due to comic books have a was list of heroes and villains ranged in many different ethnicities, still capitalizing on comic book craze and use a bigger budget to match Hollywood production levels with a high chance of seeing a return.


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