The Top Must-see Shows on Netflix

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  1. Narcos

This shows focuses on how the Medellin cocaine drug cartel grew and spread across the world. The main character of the show Steve Murphy who is a DEA agent working for the United States was sent to find cocaine drug lord Pablo Escobar in Medellin, Colombia. Murphy has to go through many bloody conflicts in order to capture him.

  1. Orange is the new black

Orange is the new black is based on the book “orange is the new black”. This show is based on a woman named Piper Chapman who is in her thirties. She was sentenced 15 months in prison since she helped her drug dealing girlfriend transport drugs.  The show focuses on Piper’s experience in prison on finding a clique in prison. Also, she has to go through the struggle of seeing her ex- drug dealing girlfriend in prison. This show is a must see show that has comedy and drama.

  1. House of Cards

This show focuses on Majority whip Frank Underwood on how he seeks to revenge on people that have wronged him. Him and his wife Claire work together for Frank to climb to the top for so he can become the President of the United States. This show contains a lot of drama and it is worth watching.


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