Wonder Woman is set to make her return to Television

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Out of all the comic book heroes to be portrayed through the live-action medium, Wonder Woman is definitely the hardest. As she made her debut in 1941’s “All-Star Comic #8” and receive her own comic in “Wonder Woman #1” which was released on June of the following year. Since then she has become a role model to female readers and became the main heroes of the Justice League. As her popularity rose, just like Superman and Batman whom spawn their own TV series, Wonder Woman receives her own in “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman” which aired from 1975-1979. Just like the Adam West’s Batman series, it was just as campy as the Batman show. But in the animated portion of the film medium, she was better portray, had a lot of emotional depth and she was never put below the other main heroes of the DC universe, in fact she was just as popular as the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

But her live-action portray have not improved since she was set to release a last year with a more edgy look of the iconic character, the show was immediately scrapped due to horrible writing, bad acting, terrible mis-cast and a complete botch of the iconic character in which the show never aired. So how would this show do Justice to the Amazon Princess, well copy a similar format the made CW’s Smallville popular by making it an origin story. Hence Warner’s Bros and CW are looking to bring the Amazon princess to the small screen with writer Allan Heinberg who wrote Grey’s Anatomy and the OC, but also made the Young Avengers comic book series from 2005. So maybe this Amazon warrior will return with open arms to the fans and show that Wonder Woman can kick but with Honor and moral justice.

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