US Open Amidst COVID-19

The 2020 US Open kicked off on August 31st in New York City.  This year, however, the tournament is quite different than years past, as it is now taking place in the middle of a pandemic.  The usually bustling event is now void of all activity except that which is necessary. 

With this new era of spectatorless sports have come many insights into the world of professional sports.  While athletes usually gain energy from the crowd’s chants of encouragement, they now rely on their own determination and enthusiasm from coaches on the sidelines.  While the matches at the US Open are largely conducted the same as always, the energy within the stadium is anything but normal.

Announcers still introduce the players as they enter the court despite the lack of a receptive audience, and screens play fans remotely cheering for the players.  The empty feeling of Ashe Stadium is creating a unique and unsettling scene; however, that hasn’t stopped the players from doing what they love. 

Cameron Norrie of Britain upset the No. 9 Seed Diego Schwartzman of Argentina.  While the game was exciting, it wasn’t the usual gentleman’s tennis game that spectators are used to, as there were various break points and unforced errors.  Even though there was no crowd to cheer them on during this exciting match, this new experience has been quite intriguing for many of the players.

Now with the opportunity to watch other matches and destress with the lack of crowds, players can focus on their game as well as the reasons behind why they are playing.  This unprecedented tournament is sure to have many more surprises and twists as it continues.  Be sure to tune in and watch as summer sports begin their finale. 


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