WADA Will Review Its Marijuana Policy

Good news for all your athletic stoner friends. They could all become Olympic athletes one day without sacrificing their munchie-inducing habits. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced on Tuesday that it will review its ban on marijuana. The scientific review will begin next year, and marijuana will remain prohibited for the 2022 athletic season. 

WADA officials say they are responding to “requests from a number of stakeholders” in international athletics. 

The announcement also comes roughly three months after WADA’s marijuana policy prevented U.S. sprinter, Sha’Carri Richardson, from competing at this summer’s Tokyo Olympic Games.  The 21-year-old sprinter had won the 100-meter dash at the U.S. Olympic trials but was hit with a 30-day suspension after testing positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. 

Richardson admitted she used marijuana to help cope with the death of her mother. The incident also took place in Oregon, where marijuana is legal. 

Considering that marijuana is currently legalized in 18 states, I think it is the right time for the WADA to reconsider its policies. Many medical experts have recently questioned the notion that marijuana is a performance-enhancing drug for athletes and Richardson’s case could be used as evidence. 

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