Walmart Launches Clean Beauty Line

With 5.8 million posts on Instagram and 1.3 billion views on TikTok, the hashtag #cleanbeauty is gaining momentum among customers. It is becoming more known that many ingredients in beauty products are actually harmful to use.

 Walmart’s Vice President of Beauty Creighton Kiper stated, “Clean Beauty at Walmart is an online shop that helps our customers find beauty products that are made without ingredients they may not want.” Walmart wants to work with its customers to make sure there are products available that align with the customer’s values. This clean beauty shop features over 900 products, and around 80 percent of them are under ten dollars. 

The formulated without list includes acetone, aluminum and aluminum salts, lead, talc, vitamins A and D3, phthalates, parabens, and more. There are over 1,200 different ingredients on the “made without a list.” Walmart consulted state and federal regulations, suppliers, the Environmental Defense Fund, and others to decide which ingredients to filter out of the clean beauty offering. The product includes makeup brushes, face wash, toner, hair regrowth treatment, acrylic nails, acne patches, mascara, and lip liner. Walmart has competition from rival Target as well, which has invested heavily in its beauty shopping experience. 

Consumers are looking for more ingredient transparency with news of toxic chemicals being used. Creighton also stated that “it’s all about meeting customer expectations. Walmart aspires to become a regenerative company, and this means working to have a lasting, net positive impact on society through our products, services, and business practices.” It is encouraging to see larger businesses and corporations listening to their customers and adapting the current system to fit new needs. They want to ensure their customers can get great quality at a great price!

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