What is going on with the NFL

This might be one of the most surprising NFL seasons, and not for the reasons you probably think. Currently, there are only 7 teams with above 7 wins. There is a whole division in which every team in the division has a losing record. There is currently an undefeated team in the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are 9-0 and are on a tear. Then there is a team that is 0-9 in the New York Jets.

It feels as if the competition in the NFL is down and, most importantly, it seems as if the overall talent has gone down. Especially with COVID-19, this season seems strange, with no fans in arenas and players being tested all the time. But still, the competition and overall talent seems to have gone down in the NFL. This is why I really admire and appreciate players like Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, and Frank Gore. They still have a passion and fire to win, and they are constantly pushing those around them to do the same. Hopefully the playoffs are different and there is passion there. But, unfortunately, this regular season has definitely been disappointing.


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