What Is the Best Diet for the Healthiest life?

Over the years, every time you look around, there seems to be a new diet. If it’s not this low-carb diet, it’s a raw food diet or the paleo diet. There are so many different lifestyle eating habits, each one with its slew of benefits and detriments. Amongst all of the information, how do you know which diet leads to the healthiest life? 

The top five most popular diets are the Atkins diet,  Zone diet, Ketogenic diet, Vegetarian diet, and the Vegan diet. While no one diet leads to the “healthiest” lifestyle on its own, each one does help contribute to specific health goals. 

The Atkins diet is good for controlling insulin levels through decreased carbohydrate intake; the Zone diet is reported to help successfully maintain weight and body weight through a balanced meal of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein. The Ketogenic diet focuses on a higher intake of healthy fats and a decrease in carbohydrates. It helps with epilepsy, among other potential benefits. While there are several versions of the vegetarian diet that range from eating fish to being partially vegetarian, the most practiced form of vegetarianism includes eating no animal products except for milk and dairy. Finally, the vegan diet omits all consumption of animal products. 

Unfortunately, it is common for there to be a specific idea of “appropriate” health goals that acts as the standard within the conversation about health. Which only favors particular diets while working as a deterrent for people who may not align with that standard. Therefore, when deciding what type of diet is right for you, prioritize your health goals, not those recommended by that trainer on Instagram. There is no one diet for the ‘healthiest life’; it’s all relative.


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