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What is the Saweetie McDonald’s Meal?

McDonald’s has done it again. From the Travis Scott Meal to the BTS meal, McDonald’s keeps the ball rolling with celebrity meals. The hot new McDonald’s meal is now inspired by Saweetie. According to McDonald’s, “the Saweetie meal was made to be remixed and remixed again. So, get your meal hack on. You have Saweetie’s blessings.”

Saweetie deserves her own McDonald’s order. You may recognize her from some of her hit songs such as “ICY GIRL,” “My Type,” and “Best Friend (ft. Doja Cat).” In Lynwood, Calif., Saweetie was seen in a zip-up neon orange catsuit with a diamond-encrusted necklace to promote her launch.

Included in this celebrity meal are the infamous Big Mac, a 4-piece chicken nugget, sprite, fries,  Saweetie N’ Sour, and BBQ sauce. This meal allows you to mix things up and add fries and nuggets to your burger. The food combinations with this meal are unconventional, yet delicious. In fact, Saweetie has stated that “Depending on the mood I’m in, there are so many ways to enjoy my order. I like to keep things fresh – I know that’s right.”

The McDonald’s celebrity series makes it easy to keep up with your favorite celebrity food cravings. On their part, this is an excellent marketing strategy, as many people cannot help but run to McDonald’s to see what this meal is all about.


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