Who is the King of R&B?

Jacquees is an American singer who signed a contract with Cash Money Records in 2014. His 2016 hit single “B.E.D” was on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks, peaking at number 69.    Recently, the Music Industry and Social Media has been in an uproar, when R&B artist Jacquees pronounced and crowned himself as the new King of R&B. Jacquees posted a video a few days ago on Instagram and Twitter, stating that in this generation right now, excluding those artists that came before him. “I just wanna let everybody know that I’m the King of R&B right now!” Music Industry leaders, social media observers, journalists, celebrities and fans over the world are reacting on social media.
“Jacquees ain’t even the R&B Employee of the Month!”, states one follower on Twitter.   “What the hell made him think he was the King of a generation?” Others were quick to mention and compare previous ‘Kings’, who personified the R&B genre over the decades, to the likes of James Brown, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Steve Wonder, and Luther Vandross. Ride or Die followers also mentioned the most recent R&B superstars on the scene like Usher, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz.
Diddy weighs in on remarks debate, “R&B’s not being made right now.” To have P. Diddy come out and comment on music is a big thing, because he knows real R&B. It’s not about who makes the best hit singles or album of the year, it’s about how consistent and relevant you stay throughout the music industry.. It’s too early to crown him ‘King of R&B’ when he has only recently been nominated for the first time. Jacquees was nominated earlier in 2018 for the R&B Song of the Year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and that was won by Bruno Mars.  Diddy has received awards for best Rap, best R&B Song, best Producer, best Group and much more, so his insight on music is held in high regard. R&B is about sexuality, sensuality, and vulnerability.  We’re talking about sharing your soul. We’re talking about making love through your music; Making the next generation of babies. From a males point of view, it is about adoring a woman; Not  putting her down.  Adoring and empowering women; Not just about sex.” You have to be able to affect your audiences in general in a positive way.  Important, that an artist should be able to sing and convey their message authentically.
TMZ spoke with R&B veteran Tank recently, and asked his reaction was towards the young singer for hyping himself. ‘Jacquees can handle the pressure that comes with this kind of controversial statement.  No one even comes close to Chris Brown in terms of talent and hardware.  You still got some work to do in the eyes of your peers.” One artist that everybody left out was R Kelly, although his accusations have make it tough for people to crown him “King”.  Tank believes that R Kelly could be considered the King of R&B and that his accusations don’t disqualify what he’s accomplished. “If you can’t sing it better live, then you’re not his King!” I believe that the word “King” has been used too loosely without taking into consideration all the work they have done and accomplished. Right now the two best R&B artists I would have to say is Chris Brown and Trey Songz. All current artists can compete for the title of King.  But only a true King deserves the Crown.


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