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Why Fleabag is The Best Show in British Comedy

Starring the English actress and screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag is a one-woman comedy show. 

Fleabag is the best story and script I have seen on television for a long time. The show broke a lot of the traditional rules of storytelling and focused on issues that TV traditionally doesn’t focus on. Like many of British comedies, Fleabag uses a lot of satire to portray raw emotions. 

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The show introduces our protogenos, who was never addressed by her real name, so we will name her Fleabag. 

Fleabag is seen navigating different types of relationships in her life. Unlike most shows, Fleabag shone the light on more than just romantic relationships. It highlighted relationships between sisters, father-daughters, stepparents, situation-ships, and girl best friends, with all their awkwardness and flaws. 

Fleabag Quotes

Fleabag portrays a relationship that is always overlooked on TV, sisters. Fleabag wasn’t shy from showing human awkwardness, and unlike other shows, they actually managed to represent it accurately. 

Many would argue that the real “love story” was between Fleabag and her sister Clair. They are two sisters going through adult life at their own pace. And like many sisters, they share a messy family house dynamic, facing their mother’s death and their father’s relationship with their Godmother. 

The show is all about Fleabag and her relationships with the people around her. To tackle her dating life, we see Fleabag’s current boyfriend, who she is always on and off with. It shows multiple situation-ships she gets herself into as she is dealing with sexual frustrations. 

Fleabag’s relationship with her father was very interesting, to say the least. After her mother’s death, we see how her father coped with losing his wife. We could see that he was finding it challenging to grieve with his daughters, so instead, he does things to diverge from it. 

The show always manages to show both ends of any relationship.  

Fleabag had a second season despite it being originally just one season. Very few shows manage to have their second season just as good if not better than the first, and of course, Fleabag excelled. 

The second season introduces a new character in Fleabag’s life, The Priest. The Priest is a charismatic middle-aged priest who is supposed to officiate Fleabag’s father and godmother’s wedding. 

From the get-go, we are charmed by the priest, and so is Fleabag.

In a show full of messy relationships, what is messier than loving a priest? It’s perfect. It was also a very beautiful forbidden love story. 

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Fleabag breaks the 4th wall, which means that she talks directly to the audience, looking into the camera. This usually happens as she expresses her internal dialogue with the audience. The show literally shows what’s inside a woman’s head. 


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