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Why is "Friends" Still So Popular?

Don’t we all know the famous, So no one told you life was gonna be this way, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. A theme song that in the hearts of so many and rivaled with the into of simple piano keys (The Office, for those of you wondering). But why is FRIENDS so popular and what draws viewers in from all ages and states?

What brought us to FRIENDS in the first place? It became a hit show in the mid-90s and from then, had many iconic moments like the “Rachel” hairdo. What originally brought the show recognition was its relatability. It was the first sitcom that tackled relationships, what life is like as an independent young adult, budding careers, failing careers, or having no direction but living in the now.

Each character represented a hardship that can come to anyone’s life at any given moment. Rachel: independency and relying on herself to come out on top.

Ross: figuring out his emotions and why he was always invested heavily in relationships while juggling a “real” job as a paleontologist and later on a professor at NYU.

Monica: wanting to show her parents that she is successful and not to be compared to with her brother, Ross.

Chandler: emotional trauma from your parents does not have to shape your entire reality.

Joey: meatball subs! Just kidding, being kind and confident should be enough even if you’re not the brightest bulb in the box.

Phoebe: who needs a plan? Happiness and positivity brings out great things. Believe in yourself.

These five friends allowed us to become one of their very best friends and welcomed us into their life. Was it sometimes a stretch? Hell yes, but they claim that was due to apartment leasing control (thank you Grandma Geller!) Although many plots to this story seemed comical, there was also an underlying message for the viewer who may have been going through the same issues in their life.

Personally, I find that I relate to each of these characters and they have all reserved a space in my heart and I feel that no matter what mood I am in when I turn on FRIENDS, I’m going to be accompanied. Many feel that the five friends are uplifting even in their darkest moments, and when they are sad or lonely, they feel warmth from the connection that these castmates had with one another on set.

I don’t feel as though FRIENDS will ever lose a place in anyone’s heart for the foreseeable future. Something about this show has marked its place and it will not budge for anything. No matter what new show comes out, no one will ever fail to reference a moment from FRIENDS and deem it relatable. But hey, nothing stops a conversation as much as this question: were they on a break?


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