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Why McDonalds Should Bring Back the Snack Wraps!

Let me set the scene for you: it’s 2016 and I  just got out of school. I have after school extracurriculars and am unable to go home just yet. Once over, I had to find a place to chill and perhaps grab a bite to eat. Of course, I head to the cheapest place; McDonald’s. I met up with my friends there and we all ordered our usual meals of choice, and they all include this one particular item; the Snack Wrap, a fan favorite amongst my peers. We would sit at a table and take a bite. Gnawing into the soft tortilla wrapped chicken, cheese, and shredded lettuce. We didn’t know then that it would be one of the last times we’ll ever have that experience again.

McDonald’s is not the best place to get your food, let’s be honest, it’s not even a good place to get your food. It is, however, cheap, and easily accessible. There’s always one thing from McDonald’s that people choose as their staple to get from the fast-food chain, and for a generation, that was the crispy chicken snack wrap. It was delicious and compared to other items, it just felt healthier. It was lighter, had a different taste and, as the “snack” part of the name implies, was easy to take with you on the go. However, something, or someone, at McDonald’s convinced the higher ups that pulling the Snack Wrap off the menu (at least in American stores) was a good idea. I’m here to say that they were wrong. While it’s not new for McDonald’s to pull things off the menu and eventually bring it back, just look at the McRib; the wrap should’ve never been removed. 

The Snack Wrap isn’t just a staple that reminds me of my adolescent days that I took for granted, they added variety to McDonald’s menu. Variety is very needed today where every fast-food spot wants to copy the success of Chick-fil-A and Popeyes with their chicken sandwiches. Even McDonald’s, a place that has had a chicken sandwich (McChicken) for years added a new one, that isn’t even that good. McDonald’s used to be in the forefront of the competition, but now plays catchup putting out items a year after the hype has already died. There is still hype for the snack wrap to return, however. Just look it up only and you’ll see it; thousands of people asking, demanding that the fast-food chain brings back the once beloved item. It’s time McDonald’s listened up: please bring back the Snack Wraps.

Ps: The crispy Snack Wrap is and always will be better than the grilled!

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