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Why Sunscreen Is The Only Skincare Product You Need

Like many adults, I was a candidate prone to having hyperpigmentation and acne. For much of my youth, I spent countless hours researching any new remedies and routines I could get my hands on to rid myself of the scars that never seem to go away. 

After purchasing mountains of different products, I failed to realize that the dream product I’ve been searching for was right in front of me, sunscreen. Many people, including myself, believe that sunscreen is only needed when going to the beach or tanning. However, studies indicate that sunscreen should be worn anytime you leave the house and be our top priority when caring for our skin. 

Evidence has shown us that spending time in the sun increases our exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation and raises the risk of developing skin cancer. Also, it is a known fact that UV rays are responsible for premature aging, which causes wrinkles. 

According to studies, it is said that even just 15 minutes outside is enough exposure to cause damage and skin cancer long term. If only 15 minutes can have that effect, think of how much damage your skin is taking on when you’re outside for even longer periods of time. Therefore, it is necessary to apply sunscreen daily to any exposed body parts throughout the day; every two hours is recommended. But what if I’m wearing makeup or I already have oily skin? The best thing about sunscreen is that the market holds various forms of the product, including but not limited to the spray, powder, liquid, and tablet; the possibilities are endless. 

While there is nothing wrong with purchasing the best and most expensive skincare products, why do that when you can simply save money and go to your local corner store for a bottle of sunscreen. In my own life, I noticed the power of sunscreen as I watched my skin transition from extreme discoloration to an even, poorless complexion. A secret of mine is that I don’t even wear foundation or concealer anymore due to how much my skin has improved overtime. Of course, sunscreen is not the only product I use, a good cleanser and moisturizer are vital to having healthy skin. However, I could tell that sunscreen was protecting my skin from UV damage and providing it with the nutrients it needed to stay vibrant and glowing.


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