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Why Tanning Lotion Is Better Than
Actual Sun Tanning

I’m sure most people out there love being outside in the sun and getting tan. There’s
nothing wrong with going outside to get some vitamin D! But if you love tanning and do
it frequently, that’s when the issue starts to arise. Being outside in the sun too long or
frequently, without any form of sun protection is dangerous. So if you want to get tan,
the best thing for you to do is get some tanning lotion.

It’s already been proven that tanning under UV rays, whether it be under the sun or
under a tanning bed, is bad for your skin and could cause cancer. But are tanning
lotions any better?

The short answer is yes, they are. Any sunless tanner, with an active ingredient
approved by the FDA is better for you than the sun’s rays. A sunless self-tan really is
the easiest, safest way to achieve that glow that you are looking for, without damaging
your skin – and risking your health – in the process.

Not only is sunless tanning better for your health, but it’s a good way to avoid premature
aging. Sun exposure is the number one contributor to premature aging and is
responsible for around 90% of visible changes to the skin such as wrinkles, uneven skin
tone, pigmentation, tectrual changes and skin laxity. There are many self-tanners out
there that even combat aging from a formulation level. They are free from nastly
chemicals, and are activated by natural skin-loving botanicals.

No matter if you decide to use sunless tanning or not, the most important thing to do is
to keep using sunscreen. Whether you are outside playing a sport, at the beach or pool,
always apply sunscreen. And make sure it’s marked as reef safe to keep our oceans
happy and healthy!


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