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Why the Hair-Dryer Brush is the Hot New Hair Tool

Drying hair can be a tedious and difficult task. While trying to maneuver the brush and the blow dryer you are panicking about how your hair will turn out. By the end of it, your arm is sore and you are left questioning if it was really worth it. What if there was a tool that made this process easier while also styling your hair? Lucky for us, the Hair-Dryer Brush is once again popular, and I guarantee this is a trend that you will want to hop on. 

Not only does this tool make your hair look soft and voluminous, but it can make your hair look effortlessly beautiful in half the time.  Of course, you can flat iron your hair after, but if you are going for the blowout look, this tool will do the job. The versatility of this tool is amazing because you can create soft curls, a sleeker look, or even follow the 90’s blowout trend. Another perk to this tool is that it is much easier to create the illusion of face framing layers when used. 

One of the top Hair-Dryer Brushes is the Dyson Airwrap. Who knew that Dyson could sell more than just their awesome vacuums? With six styling attachments, you can give your hair the attention it deserves. At a whopping $550 I would also recommend the One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Air Brush for only $59.99. 

Like any heating tool, it is crucial to apply a heat protectant to your hair beforehand. This helps prevent split ends and damage to your hair. Additionally, this tool does take some getting used to be patient with yourself and have fun! Some people have complained about their hair getting extra frizzy with this tool but looking up online tutorials and practicing is the trick towards mastering this tool. 

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